Northern (Atlantic) Mackerel

Atlantic Mackerel (Scomber scombrus)

AKA:† Boston mackerel, Northern mackerel

Prominent features:
† A schooling species of mackerel found on both sides of the North Atlantic Ocean, it is extremely common in huge shoals migrating towards the coast to feed on small fish and prawns during the summer.† The Atlantic Mackerel is typically an open ocean fish with voracious feeding habits. They travel in schools that often contain thousands of fish.† The swift swimming mackerel has a streamlined body and swims at high speeds for extended periods of time searching for food. A dark flesh, oil fish.

Our Lundís brand Northern mackerel is a great long-line
bait for commercial fishermen and a productive bottom bait
for recreational fishing! May be used as cut bait or as a whole fish.
With its oily nature and dark flesh, the fish is also a productive chum.


5 pound box / 10 per case†††††††

The larger fish are graded by size and packed in bulk:

†22 pound bulk box (under 200 gram fish)
†22 pound bulk box (200-400 gram fish)
†50 pound bulk box (180-220 gram fish)
†45 pound bulk box (200-400 gram fish)

Lund's also grinds and packs thier oily northern mackerel in a productive Chum, enhanced with menhaden oil.

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